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Cyber-attacks to organizations is on the rise worldwide and South Africa has not been left unscathed.


The following quote was taking out of a recently published article from Fin24 (Published: Mar 13 2019)

“According to the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC), SA currently has the third-highest number of cyber-crime victims worldwide – with the country losing an estimated R2.2bn a year to cyber-attacks.”


quote - robert mueller


The majority of recent cyber breaches that have crippled organisations, caused financial loss and reputational damage, have been due to unpatched vulnerable systems. Most of these vulnerabilities have been “known” about for months, yet have been exploited at many organisations.


This raises the need for Vulnerability Assessment Services by understanding what systems could be compromised, their importance to your organisation and how best to protect them.


MDM Technologies believe in giving companies the absolute best opportunity to succeed and fight off cyber threats and hackers. For this reason we are offering a free external vulnerability assessment, to give you the opportunity to learn about and patch any potential vulnerabilities in your system.


Our free vulnerability assessment includes:

  • A vulnerability scan across a select number of mission critical external/internet facing hosts
  • A vulnerability report which details the vulnerabilities identified, their severity and how to fix them



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Don’t take risks when it comes to your cyber security. Protect your clients, your employees, your own sensitive data and most importantly your reputation.